Launch Raven Digital Marketing specializes in supporting the marketing needs of early-stage Silicon Valley startups. We work with companies that need to get some solid and effective marketing tactics in place but aren’t ready to hire an in-house team. Instead of insisting on a complete (and costly) strategic overhaul, we hone in on the best-fit tactics for each unique client.

Bottom line: We create efficient and cost-effective marketing practices that help startup companies grow their revenue by leaps and bounds.


Everything I know and everything I do is a direct result of watching Lara work her magic.
— Donna Arnds, Grant Writer and Development Consultant

We understand that digital marketing is a science, but strive to present it with an artistic touch. The hard data can seem overwhelming, but our team sees its nuances and is adept at making it accessible to key decision-makers.

We fill in the gaps for you. While you’re growing your company and refining your products, we put the initial brand-building and lead-gen strategies into place to support early sales. We know that hiring a dedicated marketing team is on your wishlist, but in the early days you simply don’t have the time or resources to manage a throng of outsourced experts. Let us handle the analysis, work with your budgetary needs, and roll out your first laser-focused marketing tactics.


  • Assessing the big picture. We excel at digging into analytics, uncovering stakeholder behavior, and evaluating end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points.

  • Finding holes and fixing them: Our superpower is uncovering what's not working and changing it. Whether it’s a sales pipeline leak or messaging mis-match, we will locate its source and devise an elegant solution.

  • Prioritizing high-impact strategies: We urge our clients to use only the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies for their specific needs. We will never force you to adopt tactics simply because they are industry-standard.

  • Laying the marketing groundwork: Founder Lara White can operate as your outsourced CMO, guiding your marketing efforts until you are ready to hire an in-house team.

  • Balancing strategy and execution: Some agencies craft strategy OR support tactical rollout, but not both. We recognize that a marketing plan formulated and executed by the same team makes for a more cohesive and manageable enterprise.